Instagram Present At Blackberry 10

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Instagram Present At Blackberry 10 | In addition to Android, whether photo filter app Instagram will be present also in the Windows Phone. But now even the news, the application is likely to be present in the BlackBerry platform 10.

Instagram Present At Blackberry 10

During this time, Instagram can only be downloaded on iOS and Android-based devices. Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry claim to get this info from sources inside RIM, said the Instagram app is almost certain to be present in the BlackBerry 10. According to the source, RIM said still has a close relationship with Facebook, which now has a Instagram.
Instagram Present At Blackberry 10

In addition, the survey also said that at this time, as many as 79% of Blackberry users really want Instagram present in their gadgets. Another fact, Facebook entered into a part of the conference keynote BlackBerry Jam USA, so it might be the arrival BB10 Instagram too.

TITLE: Instagram Present At Blackberry 10
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