iPhone 5S Released in August 2013?

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iPhone 5S Released in August 2013? - The news related to the launch of the Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5S echoed back, and this time shown is the approximate time of its release expected in late August 2013.
iPhone 5S Released in August 2013?
Improvements will be made in Apple's upcoming iPhone handset. The camera features Apple will use the iPhone 5S with better components, minimal on the sensor. According to the author Rene Ritchie who also predicted that the latest generation of Apple's smartphone will be equipped with a system on chip (SoC) for faster and improved camera capabilities.

Other exciting news is that even though the iPhone 5S likely will come with unlocked condition or it can be used with any mobile operator. The opposite of the previous iPhone products that are always present in a state of lock together with a particular service provider.

Apple is also said to be working together with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to create a new design for the line of iDevices, including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Surely the presence of the iPhone 5S clarity following other speculation could be true yet verified. Because there has been no official statement from Apple as tenants.

TITLE: iPhone 5S Released in August 2013?
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